International Journal of Research in IT, Management and Engineering ISSN-2249-1619 (IJRIME)

International journal of Research in IT, Management & Engineering provides an outlet for research which advances our understanding of technology and management, in all its varied aspects. It publishes articles that deal with the theory and practice of technology and management, especially those which demonstrate how concepts and ideas about technology and management can be put into practice. IJRIME includes papers that are interdisciplinary in nature as well as those within the major disciplines, including: accounting and finance, marketing, operations management, human resource management, management strategy, information technology, business economics, computer science. The goal of International journal of Research in IT, Management & Engineering is to disseminate the latest thinking and research about technology and management to academics and practitioners all over the world. It aims to include papers from both developed and undeveloped countries. Preference is thus given to papers which adopt an International persepective or dealwith international issues related to management.